This CHRISTmas

I have a dear lifelong friend by the name of JC who I recently reconnected with and during one of our conversations we were talking about how different religions are bold in sharing their faith, while others may be a little more reserved. Recently, on a day when he happened to be home, some Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by and knocked on his door. JC is a Christian and we met many years ago through the California Baptist Young People’s Convention, and in our youth we were all on fire for Christ. I gave my life to Christ as a young girl and although I have loved Him for as long as I can remember, sometimes, I’ve not been as bold as I should be in sharing my faith.

I try to live my life in such a way where I walk the walk and I’ve not necessarily leaned on talking the talk, which is quite ironic since I talk for a living. Let me be clear, I’m not ashamed of my faith and I am committed, but as I write this piece, I realize that I have not been as on fire as I should be in sharing my faith with others, especially during this time of year. Christmas is when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. We believe He came to earth in the form of a baby over two thousand years ago wrapped in swaddling clothing and laid in a manager. He came to bring hope, love, peace and salvation to the world. We are in times where it is important to share our faith and spread a little cheer. We need to give hope and help people to not despair.

We live in times when we don’t want to offend others. We are often told to be careful with what we say or do (especially as it relates to politics and religion) so as not to offend others. Speaking up for what we believe should not be censored, but what is important is making sure that we show respect when sharing with others. Growing up I always told my children it is not so much what you say verses how you say it.

This Christmas I want to do a better job of not only showing my faith but sharing my faith in what I say and do. I would like to encourage each of you as you go about participating in various celebrations and traditions with your friends and family to not be afraid to share what this season means to you. For my family and me, we believe Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and so we should give Him gifts. The way we give Him gifts is by helping the least of these and giving to those in need. Will you give a gift to someone that is in need? Someone that can’t give you anything in return?

This Christmas my family and I will gather together at my home on Christmas Eve, as we usually do, but our door will also be open to those that may be alone or may be experiencing hard times or just need a friend. My grandmother used to say, you never know when you may be entertaining angels unaware that are watching everything you do. Matthew 5:16 tells us to let our lights shine before others so that they will see our good deeds in order to glorify the Lord. I will continue to let my light shine, but I will also begin to be a little more vocal about my faith! Thank you, JC, for reminding me to be bold about JC (Jesus Christ). Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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