Reflections From The Sea of Cortez

I enjoy getting away and going down to Los Cabos, especially the area of Cabo San Lucas. I’ve been going there now for twelve years and each time I go I enjoy it more and more. When I turned 50 (seven years ago), I even thought about moving there and starting a new life, but as circumstances would have it, instead of moving there permanently I purchased fractured ownership so I could go down and visit when I want, but still live in California. This is the best of both worlds for me.

This past week my daughter and I went down to Cabo to spend a few days to reflect, refresh and rejuvenate for the work that is ahead. She enjoys going down with me and each time we try to do something different, new and exciting. This time we rented our own private yacht. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to brag, things just worked out where we were granted favor and got a great deal. While we were out on the Sea of Cortez, I laid out enjoying the sun and as I felt the slight breeze across my face I was filled with gratitude for this special opportunity.

While on the yacht our Captain, Israel, shared with us a little about the history of the area and showed us where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. The area where the two meet is at The Arch of Cabo San Lucas and an area called “Lover’s Beach.” There are only a few rocks that separate the two. On one side (the Pacific Ocean) the water was a bit choppy and we were prohibited from going there for safety reasons and yet on the other side (the Sea of Cortez) it was smooth sailing. This made me think about how rocky things are with our current political climate fighting so hard to put up barriers (walls) to what was originally part of California. Cabo sits in the area known as Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Growing up in Riverside California our neighborhood was mixed with African Americans and Mexican Americans. We all got along and many of us non-Mexicans even learned to speak broken English, aka Spanglish. As a matter of fact, one of our next-door neighbors was Mrs. Martinez and she would often help my grandmother take care of me when she had something come up and needed help. We loved and respected Mrs. Martinez. She cooked for me and was very kind and warm. She often called me Mija. As a neighborhood we cared for each other and looked out for each other’s families.

I agree there should be rules, laws and guidelines about international issues and immigration., but I don’t think building a wall that causes hate, division and animosity is the answer. I believe there must be a more humane and compassionate way to handle this situation. Wherever there may be misunderstandings or injustices, forgiveness, love and communication can step in to build a bridge of understanding verses a wall that will only cause more discord. Compassion and respect can sit at the same table.

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and some say that Mexican-Americans might even celebrate it more than their relatives back home. I want to wish all my amigos and amigas a happy Cinco de Mayo commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Truth be told we’ve all had “battles” we had to overcome to experience victory for a better life. Just as the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean will sometimes have rough waters when peace steps in it calms things down for smooth sailing.

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