Life is a Journey Full of Lessons

Why does it take so many of us a lifetime to understand that we are all on a journey made up of some good days and some bad days? Life is not about one specific destination; but rather, a series of decisions we make along the way. When we are young, we run around chasing “this thing” and “that thing,” not really understanding what it means to be still and discern what is important and what will lead us to our true calling. We don’t take the time to discover the gifts we were born with that will allow us to live out our true meaning and purpose. What I’ve come to learn is that even with all the twists and turns we make in life; we can still do the great things we were meant to do if we learn the lessons along the way.

As I reflect on my almost six decades on this earth, I feel that I’ve made some pretty good decisions. However, I can’t help but also look at the times when I went right when going left would have been a better choice. But instead of focusing on the wrong turns I’ve made; I try to see what lessons I have learned on this path I’ve chosen and if I can possibly help someone else on their journey from those lessons. Instead of beating myself up and feeling bad, I’ve tried to remember that I am a child of God and that He has a purpose for my life if I am willing to stop and learn the lesson at every turn.

I’ve had people tell me they appreciate the fact that I am pretty much an open book. I’ve shared so many of my highs and lows in the hopes of encouraging others that no matter what you may have been through there’s always tomorrow and tomorrow can be a better day. I think it is important to share what has gone well and not so well because people need to know that every day may not be perfect but if we hold on and not give up, what once was a test can become a testimony. We live in time when we compare ourselves with false images that live behind a veil, showing only what they want others to see. That’s not reality.

One of the areas I’ve struggled with is having a successful marriage. I’ve been married three times and as a Christian woman I felt like a failure with each divorce. But I must say I’ve learned a lesson or two on where I went wrong. I’ve even had someone say to me that they couldn’t come to me for marriage advice because I’ve been divorced. Although I would never force my advice on anyone about anything, one thing that I can say about marriage is that although I may currently be single, I’ve not given up on the hope of true love and living out my remaining days with the person God has for me. My life lessons in this area have taught me to be still and wait on God. Make sure you take time to know someone and that you are equally yoked.

What areas in your life do you struggle with that may cause you to feel like a failure or want to give up? For some it may be losing weight or finding that ideal job or mending that broken relationship. Whatever it may be, don’t let anyone tell you you’re a failure. Learn the lesson that is associated with whatever trial you may be experiencing. Just like the race between the tortoise and the hare, the race is not won by someone who may be swift, but rather to the one that never gives up and endures to the end. As my grandmother would say, just keep lying down and getting up and life will bring you a trial that you will have to learn to overcome. Be slow to pass judgment on others and remember, when we point our finger at someone there’s three pointing back at us. Take the time to learn life’s lessons and your journey can turn out beautiful.

Healing Without Hate: It's a choice. It's a lifestyle. Pass it on!

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