Fall: A Time of Change

As we bring closure to the third quarter of the year, and we officially usher in autumn, it is hard to believe that 268 days have already passed and there are less than 100 days left in the year. What will you do with the 100 days that remain to really move the trajectory forward in your life? When we look at all of the things happening in the world today – whether it be political, personal or professional, life can be very overwhelming and can even get depressing sometimes. But no matter what may be before us, we each have the opportunity, and the power, to make tomorrow better.

I recently attended Mount Saint Mary’s University’s 2018 Women’s Leadership Conference. The theme was, “Responding to the Call: Leading in Times of Change.” The subject matter and discourse throughout the day was extremely timely given today’s climate. Even this new season, fall, represents a “time of change.” When we were kids, as much as we enjoyed summer, we looked forward to what fall would bring: going back to school, getting new school clothes and a chance for a fresh start. Being a little girl from California, we didn’t experience the various seasons like other parts of the country, but fall was still beautiful. As an adult, when I look out the glass window overlooking my backyard, I see trees changing colors and dropping leaves of yellow, orange and gold. For me, these trees represent the renewal of life and opportunity.

Fall is a time to shed dead skin as we enter a season of preparation for newness. It is a chance to start over and make things new. We can’t control what is happening around us, but we can control what is happening within us and how we react. If we understand that times are changing, and if we really use the power that exists within each of us, we can make a difference – no matter what circumstances surround us. This is the time of year when we can push reset and give our dreams and goals a second chance. Will you join me in using these next 100 days to close out the year as strong as possible?

The key lies in understanding the difference between the major and minor things in your life. When we don’t keep our eyes focused on “keeping the main thing the main thing,” we easily get distracted and before we know it, each season continues to roll into the next. If we’re not mindful, fall will roll right into winter, which is when many of us begin to hibernate (mentally, physically, and emotionally) as we settle into the “finality” of the year and become consumed with thoughts of the pending holidays. Now is the time to give it your best and keep your eyes on the finish line.

In reflecting back on the message and theme that was delivered by many of the women at the Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Conference, if we want to be able to respond to the call and lead in times of change, it begins with taking care of ourselves first. We have to understand the importance of self-care: taking care of our minds, bodies and souls. When we do this, we can then put our best foot forward. So take care, and take advantage of the newness this season brings. Your dreams are counting on you!

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