A Drop of Blood

African Americans have long been familiar with the “one-drop rule.” It is a social and legal principle that determined if you have one drop of Black (African) blood you are considered Black. Although it is said that the one-drop rule is defunct in law in the United States, we know it is still an unspoken rule. I am of mixed heritage; my mother is white, and my father is Black. Although I am technically equally Black and white; I have always been told that I am a Black Woman. I am proud of my entire heritage, but being raised primarily by my paternal grandmother, who was a strong and proud Black woman, I feel comfortable being known as a Black woman (or woman of color).

As the grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren that have parents from different ethnicities and cultures (my son married a beautiful woman of European ancestry), I know that they too will one day face the world about who they are and how they associate themselves in the realm of identity. What I find interesting is that no matter what one may think of themselves, there’s also the factor of how the world will see you. If they encounter law enforcement and other legal entities, they will have to be mindful of what it means to be Black in America.

There was a time in history, due to an overwhelming level of racism, some African Americans (especially those in the entertainment field or veterans returning from war) moved to Europe, especially France because it was believed they would be treated better there. Although this may have been true for some it is not a blanketed response or situation for all. I think it has always been true that there are those that enjoy “fraternizing” with us as long as we don’t marry into their families. We are accepted if we can add some level of comfort, joy or financial gain; but please do not marry our children.

Well, I think this truth has come to light in what started out as a fairytale wedding between a Prince and a beautiful woman of mixed heritage from America. Recently Meghan, Duchess of Sussex who became a member of the British royal family and her husband Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex made an announcement that they have decided to step down as senior royals. It is assumed it is due to the fact they feel ostracized by the royal family and they feel it would be best for them to carve out a new role for themselves (and create a new future for their child). A friend of the couple said, “There is so much bad blood in that family – it’s toxic.”

It has been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had to endure a lot within his family and the British newspapers. It is believed this is due to the fact that Meghan is an African American. This makes the couple’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, a little boy who also has a “drop” of African American blood. I believe that Harry loves his wife and son dearly and is willing to do whatever he feels necessary to protect them and honor everything they represent. It has been said that the media in Britain has not been kind to Meghan. For different reasons, they also hassled Harry’s mother; leading to her untimely death. When we will get to a place when people are truly valued for who they are and their character verses the color of their skin? Something to think about, no matter where any of us may originate from and no matter the color of our skin, the blood that runs through all of us is red.

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