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Wendy specializes in working with her clients in the areas of Life, Legacy & Leadership Coaching. She specializes in helping individuals find their true purpose and put it into practice in their everyday lives. There are various levels that can be selected as well as customized packages based on your needs.


Season of Greatness Afternoon Retreats  

$125 (Women Only) 


Season of Greatness Weekend Retreat

(Friday - Sunday) $1200 (Women Only) 


Individual Coaching

Prices start at $200 a session

Packages of 8 sessions are available for a reduced rate of $1500


Individual Coaching with Consulting

Pricing Subject to Client assessment 


Group Coaching & Training

Pricing Subject to Client assessment 

Some of the topics covered include, but are not limited to:

*  Knowing Your Purpose and Aligning it with the Purpose of Your Organization

*  How to Succeed in the International Arena

*  Steps to Becoming a Globally Minded Leader

*  Understanding Cultural Differences and Why it is Important to be Culturally Aware

*  How to Master a Meeting with International & Culturally Diverse Participants  

*  What is Etiquette and How it Plays a Vital Role in Your Success 

* Crucial Areas for Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence & Communication

* The Power of First Impressions

* The Art of Proper Communication 


Contact Coach Wendy directly to learn more.